Tuesday, January 11, 2011

One, two, three

Voice check.

This might as well be a new beginning with a fresh, clean slate. For you non-existent readers (if you are reading this, I apologize), this statement will be very confusing. Anyhoo, this is a blog for the average self-loving, hormone-driven, love-searching teenager. Boys and girls are welcome.

I'll use this as an outlet for my thoughts that usually go by unheard. For all you people that think that your thoughts are too harsh, this goes out to you. I feel for ya.

I am exactly like one of you. I am a teen with feelings. A teen with a heart. A teen with an attitude. A teen that hates drama. A teen that has not yet lived to the fullest. But I do have an odd perspective on life.

So before anyone goes on judging about the things that I will say in the future, I have the right to say one thing: I am a teen that has to let out her anger some way or another.

And by the way, I'll be sure to add some styling tips and things of that genre.

Until next time,

Simply E.

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